Proud Left Hand Grange No. 9 Grangers marched in the Niwot 4th of July parade.
FYI: There will be no monthly meeting in July.
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Volunteers needed!

Thursday, July 21, late afternoon and eve

Left Hand Grange is a lucky recipient of the Rock and Rails tip jar. You can help raise money to support our historic Grange while enjoying the entire scene...listening to great music, and getting some fresh air. There is a variety of roles to take on.

If you'd like to be part of the team, please write to: [email protected].

Wanted: board of directors members

The Grange is looking for people who are willing to sit on the board of directors of the entity called the Left Hand Grange Inc. This is the legal entity that owns the Left Hand Grange building and was established to assure that the building is maintained for the ongoing service of the Niwot community and in compliance with local regulations. The daily functions at the Left Hand Grange are managed by a separate organization titled the Left Hand Grange Association, aka Left Hand Grange No. 9.

As a director of Left Hand Grange Inc. you would play a vital role in keeping Niwot's most iconic structure in good in condition for the pleasure of generations to come.

Currently, we're seeking 2 volunteers to be considered as a directors of Left Hand Grange Inc. They will work with the existing 4 directors for a one-year term. The Left Hand Grange Inc. board of directors meets just once a year, while the Left Hand Grange No. 9 board meets monthly.

If you have questions or would like to communicate your interest in becoming a director candidate, please send a message to [email protected].
Be part of history and hold your special events, meetings, concerts,and classes at the Grange. Low rental rates, clean and well maintained, lots of tables/chairs, a full kitchen, a stage, WiFi, two large rooms, and free parking.
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