Announcing the launch of our new responsive website

The Left Hand Grange is excited to announce the launch of it’s new website!

After receiving an Economic Vitality Grant from Boulder County in October 2019, NBA officers and board members of the Grange decided to put the funds towards a new and improved website. It’s been in the works for the last couple months and now it’s finally here!

The new website will give visitors a great experience that makes them excited to learn more about the Grange and all it has to offer.

The homepage of the site is engaging and easy-to-navigate. It guides users to different areas of the site including an events calendar, venue reservation page and a page dedicated to the rich history of the Grange. The history page gives a brief explanation of what the Grange is, how it got started and what it is today. Users can also explore an interactive timeline that highlights historical events from 1873 to present day. Professional-looking photos showcasing the Grange are used throughout the site. Some of these photos were graciously provided by Andy Mann who is an organizer of the Grange’s newest event, Willowdale Live. The website also offers some advanced functionality including a venue reservation/payment system and a new member sign up form for those interested in joining the Grange.

Through this new website, the Left Hand Grange hopes to gain more exposure as an active part of Niwot and revitalize the Grange as an important historic treasure and community resource.